Sponsored rescued women repatriated back to Uzbekistan to vocational training.
Researching trade opportunities so that L.E.A.D. personnel can visit regularly and follow up on the ministry started before being kicked out of that country.
Research hard contact manufacturing. Having ownership in such a business would allow L.E.A.D. personnel regular visits to follow up on ministry started before being kicked out of that country.
Helping partners or other ministries address project opportunities and needs strategically and sustainably.
A team from a church in Uzbekistan came to Bangkok to be exposed to the trafficking issues of Uzbek women in Bangkok and to report back to their churches so as a church they could address their role in how to help.
LEAD covered the cost of diagnosis and treatment of a key partner in Uzbekistan suffering from abdominal issues.
Established to provide employment opportunities to local believers.
LEAD staff provided logistics, and translation services for 15 women rescued from being trafficked to Bangkok, Thailand, and repatriated them to Uzbekistan.
The underground church could not support their pastors, so LEAD helped them establish pomegranate farms, which employed the families of the pastoral staff.
Grant provided to a woman rescued from being trafficked to Thailand to set up a bazaar stall in her home town to sell merchandise.