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LEAD does not receive any funding from government sources. We rely on gifts from individuals, companies, and foundations who believe in our mission.

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As a public charity, LEAD is recognized by the U.S. IRS as a tax-exempt organization. All gifts and grants are tax-deductible and a receipt will be issued to a donor.

** NOTE REQUIRED BY THE IRS: Contributions to LEAD are qualified for Federal, and in some cases State, income tax deduction as allowed by the law, unless marked non-deductible. If you receive goods or services in return for your gift, the deductible amount is reduced by the value of what you received. Otherwise, no goods or services were provided or their value was insignificant or consisted entirely of intangible religious benefit. To be consistent with legal standards, discretion in the use and disposition of all gifts, whether designated or not, is under the control of LEAD. In keeping with legal and tax requirements, donors acknowledge that gifts to LEAD are subject to the control of LEAD’s board and its policies including variance power. **


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Gifts can be mailed to:

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