Women at Risk International (WAR) has a conference every two years to expose Americans to the world of trafficking and sex slavery. It also exposes them to nationals from many countries who are at the front of the effort to stop this and address human needs. LEAD staff provided ground logistics and support for these […]
Helped sponsor partner’s prosthesis camp where 151 received artificial legs and 40 made a the profession of faith in Christ.
Microloan to Thai missionary who used his plantation as outreach to the community and evangelistic camps.
After some time this farm will underwrite the operating budget of LEAD’s partner’s orphanage. This orphanage provides orphans (many from Myanmar and parentless because of the war between their people group and the Burmese military) a home, an education, and medical care.
A ministry that works in the red light district of Bangkok, encouraging women to leave the industry and offering them employment if they do. Once a person leaves the sex industry, NightLight provides them with gainful employment, vocational training, education, medical care, daycare for children, and counseling. A LEAD staff person provided this ministry with […]
For 45 years evangelists have been working in this area which is heavenly animistic. In the last five years, 50+ have come to Christ, and a church building erected in the last year.
Helping partners or other ministries address project opportunities and needs strategically and sustainably.
This café was established for multiple purposes. 1) provide a place for free medical screening for those working in the sex industry. 2) provide a place for those ministering in the red light district of Bangkok to intersect with those in the sex industry to build a relationship with them and a) encouraging them to […]
Funded by LEAD, this project provides their partner association of churches with four pastor training seminars, capital improvements, and ministry supplies to their many daughter churches and microloans so pastors can have a salary.
A microloan was given to help two entrepreneurs set up a small business.