LEAD covered the cost of diagnosis and treatment of a key partner in Uzbekistan suffering from abdominal issues.
Helped sponsor partner’s prosthesis camp where 151 received artificial legs and 40 made a the profession of faith in Christ.
As the evangelists from the association of churches travel from jungle village to village, they see a lot of malaria and send them to this clinic. Here they get free medical treatment. An effective way to earn the right to share the Gospel is to help meet their physical needs first.
LEAD oversaw the construction of this hospital; the only one of its kind for hundreds of miles. An effective way to earn the right to share the Gospel is to help meet their physical needs first.
These programs provide shelter, medical care, legal help, educations, and vocational training for at-risk women.
Hospital in the north has requested our assistance in developing the medical services they provide through the recruitment of medical specialists to go and train their counterpart at this hospital. They have also requested our assistance in the establishment of a Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, and Pediatric Life Support training facility. The opportunity […]
Hospital in the south has requested LEAD’s assistance in donor relations, finding visiting doctors to enhance the skills of its medical staff, and general consulting to help resolve internal issues threatening its existence. Most importantly, they wish to revive their Ward Evangelism program.
Took radiologist to visit partner hospital in northern Bangladesh to see what opportunities for cooperation there were.
Christian Hospital in southern Bangladesh has no general anesthesia machine or a doctor trained in anesthesia. To get the operating room functional and to recruit surgeons (local and foreign), this piece of equipment and the related training is essential.
To help a Bengali family care for the needs of their twin daughters who are severely handicapped both mentally and physically, LEAD is assisting them in the establishment of a farm on their existing property.